Hey, so I'm venturing into drop tunings for the first time really and I'm wondering if I can get away with using the same set of stings for two separate tunings.

I'm looking to use a set of D'Addario 10/52's (possibly heavier) for C standard and drop C. As I don't have any experience in this, would this cause any issues with my guitars neck? It doesn't sound like it would cause to much of an issue, if at all.
10's? I use 12's in standard and they get floppy but playable one step down (D standard). For C standard I'd say use at LEAST 12's, maybe 13's otherwise you'll be constantly out of tune.
Hey. I'm assuming your guitar has been set up to play well in C standard. Going to drop C may raise your action a bit over the middle frets and you'll notice that the strings will have more tension. Definitely nothing to worry about in terms of the safety of the neck. It's more a matter of playability and comfort. I tune my guitar in anything from E standard to drop C with no neck issues. Although the strings get loose and floppy in drop C, I just deal with it as I don't downtune that far too often. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Just re-read your post and if your guitar is set up for E standard you're definitely going to want to get it set up in C standard or drop C with 11 or 12 gauges. THEN you'll be fine to switch between C standard and drop C.
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Shouldn't be neck issues. 52 will be fine I believe around 56 gauge you need an adjustment just so you know. I had Ernie ball top heavy strings I think they are like 54.
I prefer .12s for drop c and wouldn't go lower than .11s. Haven't tried c standard, but I imagine anything below .12s will be very floppy. With strings that heavy, some sets will come with a wound g-string, which isn't to everyone's liking, so check for that. As for the low c, a .52 is the thinnest I'd go, though a .56 is nicer. A .60 could be too stiff for many people, might prove worthwile on guitars with a short scale (24.75" / 628mm) though.

And you will definitely want to do a complete setup: neck-bow, action, intonation. The whole shebang.
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Yeah, I was considering just going with 12's. I'm going to get one of my hardtails setup for C standard.

Just thought the constant change in tension might effect the bow of the neck.