I have a late 90's Ibanez IC300. One volume and one tone knob. I would like to change the tone knob to a second volume knob for the neck pickup. Has anyone ever done this? How involved is it and will it alter the tone of the guitar? I never move it from full treble, so that's where I would want it to stay. Thanks.
a tone and volume control use the exact same kind of pot, the only difference is that a tone pot is wired differently and has a capacitor to filter treble.

if you re-wire the guitar to have two volumes and no tone, you'll notice a little bit more treble than you get right now, but it won't be a very big difference..

your guitar has a toggle-style 3-way switch on it right now, like a les paul would have?

it should be wired something like this right now, and you'll want to change it to this
Yes, three way switch like an LP. Thanks for the pics.

Has anyone here ever done this to their guitars?