Hey everybody I've run into and issue with my set up and would appreciate some advice. Btw if this is in the wrong section.....my bad. Anyway, Im in a metal band and to get my distorted tone I use a Bad Monkey to boost my Valvekings gain channel. Now when it comes time for me to switch to clean it requires 2 buttons to get to nothing but my clean channel. Is there anyway to reduce this to 1 button? or am i going to have to do something else?
Not really because using OD pedals definitely make the gain channels better on amps for metal because they give very even and rich harmonics but I have to do the same thing with my Peavey 6505. Unless you can kick off the OD pedal and roll back on your volume on your guitar and get a good clean tone. Other than that or using MIDI looping equipment, your stuck with 2 buttons.
ummm... Only option I see is to use only the Monkey's overdrive, keeping the amp clean if you want one-button switch.

But... If you have a footswitch to change your amp channels maybe try connecting the monkey with the footswitch mechanicaly ? Use a piece of wood or something... ? Maybe that's a stupid idea, but it would surerly work :P
thanks for the replies but yeah i suspected i was gonna be stuck but i guess i'll try out rolling off the volume. (dont know why i didnt think of it lol) or take daniel's advice and connect them
I used to play the pedal game. Screw that noise. MIDI for life.

Anyway, to help you - all you have to do is turn off the Bad Monkey a second before you have to switch channels. The difference in that second isn't enough to be noticeable.
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