Ok, before anyone says refer to another post :P What im asking for is some "easyish-mediumish" difficulty songs, played on guitar hopefully without TOO much distortion and effects, where there is accurate tablature for the song somewhere that I can locate without paying dollars ( and hopefully it is a song that doesnt have 15 different versions online).

I have just started reading the ted greene books chord chemistry and modern chord progressions, and while the information isnt really baffling, it is overwhelming. I knew there was alot of ways to play Am, but it gets a little ridiculous. Also I will continue with working on some of that stuff, but WOW, it will take me the rest of my life just to work through 1/2 of chord chemistry and be comfortable with it, maybe 1/2 of the rest of my life to work through the progression book(which is the one i will focus on, + the parts of the chord chemistry book that arnt technical exercisezes).

Anyway, it occured to me while i was sitting with my guitar playing some of these "polytonal" chords which are really neat, that this is not necessarily where i want to be headed with my guitar playing. I understand the need the learn something new, and progress, but I will never get where i want to be if i only learn what is in these books, because 95% of the time spent will be me trying to get better at fingerstyle type chords( it would take me 2+ years just to bang out all the different types of A chord), and it just doenst seem like a good idea right now.

What i want to do is just start playing by ear, and im ready to really dig and just deal with the frustration and constant defeat. Im going to continue with all sorts of ear training both on guitar and through the use of interactive program type stuff, but im just to the point where enough is enough :/ I figure if i get really down about it, ill just learn a song through tablature or whatever, ive just decided these books while not necessarily too advanced intellectually, are WAY too technically advanced for me right now.
most (if not all) nirvana songs can be learned by ear since they didn't really use a lot of fancy stuff, though they did use quite a bit of distortion. a few other easy songs that can be learned are the ones from movies/video games. the first song i learned was the mortal kombat theme song. they are great for beginners since they can be played on electric and acoustic generally, don't use a lot chords, and, while not related to your post, they are fun to play your friends.
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appreciate it, i am goign to look into nirvana and the red hot chili peppers, i think someone mentioned those in a prior post awhile back

sorry for the lame request, i was just sort of venting i guess, but in all honesty, im not going to do anything but play by ear for awhile, cept for songs i was already working on and some ear training stuff
Get some Nintendo game's nsf sound files and foobar2000 and foo_geb plugin and start transcripting those melodies. Is't good because you have tons of melody lines to work with and you can turn other tracks off. That's how I started.