Ok so I have to listen to this several times just because I can never pick up what rappers are saying all in one listen but a lot of what I am hearing is clever and I like the message of the song.I'm not very good with words so I have a lot of respect for rappers of your kind who have more to say than how much money and hoes they got.I really like it so I put it in my favorites.
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Thanks a lot. Though I do appreciate an occasional rap song about empty things like money and hoes. They're just fun to listen to. haha.
Wow. This is great. Good video too. Simple. But I liked watching it. lol. The lyrics were great. I could imagine you getting big big big on YouTube buddy. The stuff is great. the lyrics are pretty good. You write the melody and beat or do you work with other people to do that? Because I know using software to write music like ... electronic music... is kinda hard. lol That in itself is a pretty big talent. Definitely liked your video. I like "used-to-be." Just the sound of it with the lyrics made it mean so much more to me. 9.5/10. Because I felt like some of the actual tonal rapping could've been changed a little. But it was sick dude.

Crit4crit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXZ9gWIOKd0
thanks you guys. And ya I do everything from writing the verses to performing it to producing it. I'll take a look at your stuff and a little bit for sure
I like to crit as I listen so I feel im as honest as I can be.

Firstly, beat is really cool and the vocals............wow! This is very very cool, lyrics are tight. Its a very difference style of delivery to what im used to (J5, The Roots etc). Vocal effect is tight as **** too.

If there is one thing that I do not get on with in this its the video. It just makes what sounded like a really tight song in a very different style of delivery seem amateur. Personally I would say scrap the vid until someone who has a lot of money and time can make one for you. Please dont get me wrong im not having a dig I just think you a exceptionally good at what you do and should keep doing that. Focus on the songs, theyre sick.

Will certainly be posting this around to friends. Keep up the great work and good luck with it.

C4C if you can, though its very different music......www.facebook.com/dirtyworksmusic

cheers T
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Thanks a lot. I do agree that my video quality is lacking compared to my music. It is a newer endeavor, so I have less experience in it/I have less equipment compared to music stuff/ it's hard to put film together by yourself than music by yourself. But with all that said, it's still really a component that I enjoy making, so I'm gonna continue with that. Thanks for all the comments.

Nice music you got there. Reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age and the Bravery for some reason. Definitely go that high energy/high tempo thing down which is the type of music that I seem to be incapable of writing (although as a guitarist, I used to be obsessed with shredding and all that high energy stuff). good job!