There's one with a 5-star rating by 900-some votes: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/pink_floyd/wish_you_were_here_ver4_tab.htm and then there's one that claims to have the corrected version of that one: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/pink_floyd/wish_you_were_here_ver5_tab.htm

But I was wondering if these tabs are accurate to the way that David Gilmour plays it. I looked up some tutorials on YouTube and many of them play the solo parts differently; even though the notes are the "same" each different version of a note sounds a little different or "off" in their own way. I just want to know which tabs are most accurate, and not necessarily the easiest way to play it, down to the bending and everything (though I know I won't be able to play like David Gilmour for a long time).