I just bought a used behringer uf100 ultra flanger froma local music store, and for some reason, weather or not I press the switch, it is always on, so I cannot turn it off if I wanted to. Im unsure how to open it up and check, when I unscrew all 4 screws on it, the metal plate on the bottom comes off, but the other plate wont come off, and I dont want to force it until I know what im doing. is this a common problem with behringer pedals?

Flip flop circuit is ****ed up in some way. Just take it back. Anyone who knows what they're doing is going to charge you more to fix it than the pedal is worth.
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get used to flanging
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a bigger problem with behringer is them not turning on you got the one they put all the "turn-on" in and left out the "turn off"
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