I have a Squier bullet start and when I removed to pickguard for cleaning I noticed that it has place for humbuckers, both in the bridge and neck position. Would it be worth it to upgrade to humbucker pickups over the default pickups it came with?
this is more a of a personal preference question, seeing as humbuckers sound vary different from single coils
depends on what music you're into
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Think of it this way, if you're in love with how the guitar plays and feels, but not so keen on the sound then go for it. Even more so if you plan on keeping it for awhile. Good humbuckers aren't exactly cheap though, if I'm thinking of the right guitar then it wouldn't be tough to spend more on pickups than it cost new.
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squier bullets are super inconsistent.. from my experience, they really range from being almost unplayable to feeling super nice, so it depends how you feel about yours

I have one that's one of my main guitars, though it's heavily modded

so I agree with metalhead, if you like how it plays but not how it sounds then go for it
I but a humbucker in the bridge of mine, and it sounded nearly as good as my Epi LP, although not quite as chunky of course, but still awesome. I say go for it
As everyone has said, it's all a personal preference. HOWEVER, much of your tone will also be decided by what your amp is and what pedals you are using. I have a squier that sounded simply awful. Now, I have replaced ALL of the electronics (pots, pickups HSH, jack...) with all Dimarzio parts and it now rips! I love the new tone and the feel of it (I upgraded to wilkinson bridge). If you want something new and a redefined tone, then spend the dough!