I've been learning classical on my electric guitar lately (don't bash me for that).
Learned to play "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", "Fur Elise", "Canon In D", "Bourree in E minor", "Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Ode To Joy"; bits of "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" and "Moonlight Sonata". I was wondering if there are any more classical guitar tabs that are just as easy for classical beginners?
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Lagrima is nice.

Ah, another Tarrega piece. I like it. Can't play past the intro yet, though. Thanks for the input.
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What a wonderful piece. Thank you for the link!

Ahhh, yes. Classical Gas! Where exactly is "the hard part"?

The minute or so in when it gets to the high part. The finger positioning is just... odd... or I'm doing it wrong. Never figured it out.