Because i'm at 160 BPM,but trying to get it higher,anyone have any tips about how to reduce pain?
Relax. You're tensing up when you try to go faster. If you keep doing that, you will get hurt. Work at it with a metronome and build it up slowly.
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I used to have plenty of wrist pain when fast picking. I started learning Meshuggah songs among others that use really irregular right hand patterns (Animals as Leaders, Blotted Science, Periphery) and it actually helped my picking speed a lot.
Apart from that what Junior#1 is pretty much all there is to it.
Make sure your wrist is relaxed, and that your wrist isn't bent at a sharp angle. You should also check you aren't gripping the pick too hard - you need nearly no force to grip the pick effectively. Junior's probably nailed it though.
This thread might be some help:

It expounds upon the ideas of relaxation and incorporates it into practice to ensure you stay relaxed even at high speeds. Freepower's Youtube videos may help too (they're linked in his sig).

If you don't fancy clicking anything, here's a summary:

You have to figure out why you're experiencing pain. Unless you have one of a few conditions (you probably don't), the pain is fixable and it's just a matter of identifying a flaw in your technique that is causing the problem. Relax. That'll fix it. Do it slowly first, as that's the easiest way to see where tension is being felt - then speed up like Junior has said, but make sure you aren't doing anything different when playing fast compared to what you do when you play slowly. A lot of people tense up when they know there's a difficult passage coming and that's what you want to avoid.
if you don't warm up your hands, you will encounter wrist pain more frequently.
try to play slower when you start. you must loosen your ligaments before you start shredding.