This is definitely reminiscent of the music I grew up on. I feel like it takes me back. I feel the vocals need to be a little stronger over the guitar in a few places. When the lead comes in, I get a real good feel about this... It's strong and melodic then. It was so short. It needs to be about a minute longer. And at the end of it... I can hear the original strum pattern. I think it's a kinda cool effect. I don't know if you intended it. But I feel like the vocals need to be a little stronger in a few places.. I feel like the guitar drowns them out a little bit in certain places.

*updated my original post*
It would be good it you could delete the first 10 seconds. The song reminds me of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". Most of the guitar playing is pretty good, though you slowed down towards the end. Vocals are OK, but might be better if you try to belt it out more. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

Yeah my throat was kinda sore when I threw it down, i boosed the levels as much as a could but i didnt want to get to close to the iphone mic, that thing pops like a bitch.
Sounds good, guitar line sounds a lot like Knocking on Heavens Door though. Other than that it was pretty cool, good job!
Sorry for the late response!

As other mentioned before, the progression is quite knocking on heaven's door like.

It's really good though, I like the vocals. Kind of raspy but warm, diggin it! I really like the guitar noodling that comes in around 1.30, really nice!

Keep it up man!