I submitted a tab a few days ago; Is there any way I can check its status? The only thing I can find so far is in my profile, under "My Contributions" section, in the "Stats" tab, it is listed under "Showing all your contributions for the past month" but when I click it it just downloads the html file. Also, it says my total rejected tabs for the week is 1. Does that mean my tab was rejected? Is there any other way I can see this?

If it was rejected that'll have to be a whole new thread because it was all original (I worked it out by ear). But anyways...

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I know that under your profile you can check a box that will allow this site to send you an email to notify you if your tab was rejected or accepted...as well if anyone rates your tab, sends you a message, etc.... So that would help....

Unfortunately, They do not tell you why your tab is rejected if that is the case....

I would say by what you stated your tab was rejected.....

I just experienced this:

Here is what you can do:
1. Go to FORUMS
2. Go all the way to the bottom of the topics to
3. Once in that forum go to the topic
4. There is a MODERATOR there named EMAD
state what you just did here and he will help you
And will get your tab submitted and accepted.

so basically just cut and paste what you put in this forum
Where I stated and you should be fine...make sure you also
Go to the last post when you ask....

EMAD the moderator can definitely help you.... He will also let you know
Why your tab was rejected....

So if I were you resubmit your tab...then cut and paste the URL of it in this other forum so that EMAD can see the tab..... He will then respond to you in that forum...
This will definitely help and is the way to go....
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Thank you Don for your reply! I greatly appreciate it.
I will do just what you have said. Thanks again!