This is an idea I had; if it's already been done or if it's already in use then by all means lock this thread but just in case I'll keep going.

Here's the concept. As members of the pit we all have various views on music. I'm sure most of us are musicians in one way or another, otherwise we probably wouldn't be on a guitar forum. But for some of us we have no way of sharing our riffs or ideas and combining them with others who think the same way we do.

Until now.

We'll make a chat room that will include video chat. Google+ might come in handy; that or tinychat. At any given point, if you come up with an idea, just post in this thread that you're jamming and head on over to the chat room. Turn on the video, and play the riff. Hopefully this becomes popular enough that someone sees what you're doing. Said someone listens to your riff, then enters the chat and starts jamming over top of your riff. Eventually more and more people join/drop out, and the riff totally evolves.

I'm thinking that if this works out and gets enough attention, we could aim for the world record for longest continuous jam session. We cover almost every time zone on Earth so it's totally feasible to have at least one person jamming at all times.

Anyone interested in making this happen? The more people that help out the better. All experience levels welcome, and certainly every instrument. If only guitarists join this won't work at all.

As I said before, if this has been done in the past or if there is something similar already going on, go ahead and trash this thread. Likewise, if this is the wrong place for it then by all means lock it up or move it to where it is more appropriate. I figured the pit would be the best place to get more people involved.

Who's with me on this?

TL;DR lets create a chat room and set the world record for longest jam session
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Great idea, but this major flaw.
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Since I'm clearly a noob to this type of thing, is there any possible way to compensate for that? Or with this type of thing is that basically an inevitable thing? I imagine there has to be a way to work with that, otherwise sites such BANDHAPPY would be worthless.
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