The first thing that strikes me is that your timing is messy and sloppy. You were almost never in time with the backing loop you had going, which made your lead line sound flat-out bad to begin with. If you're gonna make a backing track, make one with a stronger rhythm to it. Personally, when I make myself tracks to play to, I use a metronome or drum machine to establish the tempo and all that jazz before I even think about notes. You can always slide notes around to hit the right ones and call the wrong ones grace notes or whatever, but if your rhythm is off from your backing track's, it's not going to sound good.

The second thing that I noticed was that your bends are in the same boat - you're not always hitting the right note (going a little sharp or, more often, flat). That's something a lot of people need to work on. To fix that, grab a tuner and practice bends (half steps, whole steps, and even whole-and-a-half steps) and ingrain that into muscle memory. Your playing will sound much better when those bends are in tune.
Thank you so much and definetly the whole bending up to the right pitch is something I've been working a lot on lately, what did you think bout technique or phrasing?
Your picking technique looks alright, but your sense of timing needs work. It looked like your picking and fretting was alright - as long as you don't feel any tension, you're alright.

The phrasing needs work. It felt to me like you were arbitrarily playing licks like "Hm... I haven't done a descending pentatonic lick yet.... I'll do that next". When you improvise, ideally, you want to be playing with a sense of direction and knowing where you want to get and how you'll get there. That way, it sounds like you're playing a continuous, meaningful solo line instead of a disparate collection of licks.

That's something that takes years of practice and learning to get down, so don't think that you're way behind or anything.
Thanks so much for the tips I'll definetly keep all that in mind. Thanks for not just saying "yoU suck, just give up" I appreciate the constructive critiscm
Nah. If all we ever did was pick on people, then we'd never get anything done. It's much better to tell people that they suck and then tell them how to get better so they keep checking back in with us.
Lol It's funny because you have a similar style as me ahah. But you should try using different scales to be more versatile in your solos. I don't see you using much more than the pentatonic. Try the minor and major scale and all its variants and find new licks! Also the timing was bad. A good note hit in a bad tempo is a bad note! Remember that! But I also have the same problem that I'm working on so...
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Yeahh mostly pentatonic, and then some notes from major an minor scale every once in a while and yeah am gonna definetly tryna work on that timing, thanks for the help guys, love the UG community
Hi Panch000,

You've already had some good constructive feedback. I'd like to help you out with your timing.

Firstly, you were a tiny bit inaccurate pressing the footswitch at the end of recording your rhythm guitar loop, so the loop wasn't exactly 16 beats long as you intended, and went a little out of time at the beginning of each new loop.

There's loads of good stuff in your lead playing already - good melodic phrases; clean, accurate playing - practice deliberately playing:

1 note per beat
2 notes per beat
3 notes per beat
4 notes per beat
6 notes per beat
8 notes per beat

Use a drum beat or metronome and tap your foot along.

Then go back to mixing up the number of notes-per-beat as you were before, but with a keener sense of how you are fitting those notes in to the rhythm.

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All the best,

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Finally something good bout my playing lol thanks for the advice I'll definetly try all that out aghhh if only I had a webcam, this was taken with my iPod