Parts I and II

Balkan forest surrounds Balkan pond. There are trees, as one might expect. All sorts of vegetation that looks edible until you get real close to them. Animals. Yes, animals. Four legs, two legs--animals with two or four legs. Ant hills freckle the earth. A small creek that whispers like a ghost stumbles through the lowlands and eventually, exhausted and a teaspoon dizzy, meets the vastness of the pond.

If I seem distracted or distant, its because there's a Wallow eating birdseed out of my hand right now.

Still spring. Margaret is naked in some parallel universe, but here she's wearing a floral dress that ceases to exist a few inches above her knees. Neither of us can cook, we learned that today during lunch. I burned the fish, Margaret, the vegetables. A garden has begun to grow north of my house though. Seeds must have blown from some other garden somewhere near. Margaret said she hopes cucumbers grow, and smiled. It's something, really, how one can be so desperately pretty.

The wallow's left. My hand is full of tiny little red marks from it's beak. Margaret has just dropped her hair and dress. It's hard to be coherent with so much going on to digest.
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