Hey dude, this isn't exactly my preferred metal sub-genre but I'll try to give you some useful feedback. I liked it, but I didn't like it a lot. You have some good ideas here and it shouldn't be too hard to expand on them. I found the song a little too repetitive, the couple riffs you have are good but it would be more interesting if you changed up the pace of the song toward the end, maybe a breakdown or something.

Your vocalist has some ability but I didn't like the delivery half-way through the song or so, I think he should try to approaching some of the parts differently.

Production quality wasn't bad but it was a bit muddy, not sure why, I can hear everything alright, maybe just the recording gear. All around good for a demo, I'd appreciate any feedback you can give in return, thanks!

Holy bass batman! haha

Sounds really good, man. My only gripe would just be the mix. I mean, don't get me wrong I love some powerful bass, but it feels like this is just a tad muddied by it. Overall though, everything sounds really cool. You've got a great band
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