...I appreicate it's subjective and everyone will champion their own favourites, but I'm after a new amp and I think I've narrowed it down to 3, possibly 4. Probably all combo versions, though if I could pick up a head + 2 x 12 cab at a decent price, I'd go for that.

In terms of tone/ feature requirements, I need a fantastic 'alive' clean channel and a warm articulate dirty channel. Not into ultra high gain metal sounds. I like using delay reverb and effects for textures, so a clean reliable effects loop is a must too. I'll be using it for small/ medium club gigs in a 3 piece band, recording too.

So the contenders are

1- New Egnater Renegade
2- New Fender Supersonic 60
3- Used Mesa Lone Star
4- New Koch Multitone

The Koch is very much an outsider simply because I can't get to try (in the UK) before I buy. I'd have to buy it only on teh strength of reviews and demos, which whilst look and sound impressive, I'm not sure I'm prepared to take the leap.

So, let me have it.
For a 2X12, i've heard a lot of good things about a Harley Benton G212 Vintage - http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212_vintage.htm and it's fairly cheap too. AFAIK, they only sell through Thomann.de though, which means a £10 shipping charge for any order below £195. I can't vouch for any of these specifically as I personally haven't tried them, but I have heard really good reviews.

Do you have a budget? People may be able to suggest some others.
Id get the mesa. Fenders have never made very good dirty channels and IMO their clean channel is so full and clean sounding that it actually sounds muddy. That being said, the supersonic is probably my favorite fender amp.
The Egnater is also pretty good and very versatile but It also lacks in good distortion IMO. It sounds thin.

Mesa have always made very good distortion and the cleans are really quite good too.
Out of those four, I believe that the Mesa would serve you the best.
Gear pics

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I have one of those cabs (a hb G 4x12 vintage) and I think it's really nice.
It is my only cab though, so I can't compare.