Hi guys.
Question about recording metal guitar with given equipment.
The gear i have:

* Guitar
* Effects Pedal (ZOOM 606)
* Amp - VOX VT30 Tube
* Mixer (Behringer with USB)
USB Intervace M-Audio Fat Track Pro.
* Shure SM57

I was wondering, what recording path would you guys reccomend
in a case if i am not really able to mic a guitar amp as i live in
the apartment.

Correct me if i am wrong, but amp has to be quite loud to get good sound
when micing your amp?

So i was thinking of to ways:

1) Guitar -> ZOOM 606 -> Mixer -> DAW
2) Guitar -> Amp -(cable)-> Mixer -> DAW

that way i do not even need my Fast Track Pro USB
as my mixer is USB

and another thing, i think my amp has much better quality effects then my ZOOM 606 as it is a TUBE amp... or does it?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time
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I'd say go through your Zoom 606 as you'll get better results than through your amp. That is, unless the Vox VT30 has a proper 'line out'. I will say that I've never used headphones with a Vox VT, so I don't know how good it sounds. You'd really want to record your amp at a proper volume with a mic. At lower volumes it'll sound 'far away'.
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Since your amp is a modeller anyway and not a tube amp, the volume you mic it at doesn't really matter. Needs to be just loud enough that you're getting a decent bass response from the speaker - normal practice volume is fine.

The choices are:

- Mic up the VT30

- Plug your guitar directly into the PC (through the interface) and use amp modelling software.

- Plug the line output from your VT30 into the PC (and perhaps use cab modelling to improve the tone)

Since you've got all the gear there anyway, you should just try all three and decide what gets you the best results.

Take the Zoom pedal out of the equation completely - there's nothing it can do that can't be done much better by other hardware/software in your rig.

If you're looking for good amp modelling software to get started, the free version of Amplitube 3 is by far the most streamlined and easy-to-use option. It's also got built in recording and a decent enough range of amps.
The vt-30 has a power control out that lets you crank the hell out of it at low volumes,record out through your headphone jack,or mic it and it's got a 12ax7 power amp,why use the zoom,it's got 22 pre-sets and 8 channels you can input yourself.
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