Ok, been browsing eBay looking for a tele. I'm a student on a bit of a budget so obviously these have caught my eye, although sounding a little too good to be true, I'm still tempted.

This guy seems to have sold a lot of these, has over 700 feedback at 100%. So I've been ahead and done a bit of research, and comparisons with the blonde version against the squier classic vibe 50's tele, which the only difference seems the lack of logo on the headstock! I've gone and asked the seller about what kind of pickups are inside them and pretty much the general run of the mill questions you would ask when thinking about buying a guitar of eBay.

It seems some chinese made guitars, copies etc can be very very good nowadays. My friend once had one of the sunn mustang squier copies and it played better than an actual squier in my opinion.

Heres the link;

Has anyone bought one of these in the past, whats your views?

Thanks in advance
Buying a cheap Chinese guitar off of eBay is a terrible idea. It might be ok, but odds are just as good that the truss rod (if it even has one) won't work properly and you'll end up with a useless guitar in 2 years, or that the frets are a total disaster, or that the electronics are worthless junk. Used Squiers aren't much more expensive, and there you at least know what you're getting.

You also can't tell specs or quality by looking at a guitar. This isn't just a Squier without the headstock logo.

You realize that a Sunn Mustang is a Squier, right? Sunn was the export brand name, Squier was the domestic.
Roc8995, thanks for the info and I'm tending to agree here, it does look a bit to good to be true, so it probably is, best to get looking for a decent secondhand squier tele or something like that.

JustRooster, yeah it was cool back in the day! and thanks for the link.

and just a bit off topic but has anyone had any dealings with the Coban Ovation copy electro's?
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Hi there, thanks for the info. I ended up dropping on something quite special. Someone was selling a 3 year old, never gigged, mint condition Epiphone Les Paul Custom, in gorgeous arctic white and fitted with the strap locks, professionally set up and fitted with Seymour Duncan Alnico Slash Custom II pickups, along with the hard case and Gibson strap. All in £270 cash and I gave them a tenner for the hours drive as they bought it round last night!. This thing sounds incredible, still can't quite get over it!

Also apparently, they told me about something to do with the paint job. Something went a little 'wrong' in the factory and it sounded a bit like when cars get sprayed, theres can end up an odd one that in different lights, natural, camera flashes etc appears a bit of a different colour with a bit of a blue-ish, lilac type glow to it. Yet to see this. Still, incredibly happy with this and definitely a keeper!

Time to find a nice little tube amp for practice etc....