Hello fellow enthusiasts.
I'm looking to get myself a used razorback cemetery gates, i've found one that's three years old. Haven't actually seen the instrument but i've been told it has no visible scratches or dents on it. Where i come from the actual cost is 4800 dhs ( 1333 dollars), the guy is selling it for 3300 (916 dollars). If the guitar is in good condition is it a sensible purchase?
I have no idea how much that is in GBP or USD, but he seems to be selling it used for about 75% of what it is worth new, which is a good deal for him but not so much for you.

I wouldn't say the guitar is particularly good. Sure it looks nice but it really isn't very good.

If you are dead set on getting that guitar, and if it is indeed as-new condition then you might have a good deal, otherwise, no.
Thanks you make sense, anyways I'm really into these shapes so what guitars would you recommend? I live in dubai so am pretty limited in my options. (Have an ibanez store nearby, they sell xiphos kinda like that) Btw how long do you think the dean would last?
Guitars last forever. Cheap parts wear out.
I'd go with a ziphos over the razorback unless its the low end xpt300.
Xiphos are much better guitars than Razorbacks generally.

Well, about 4 years ago I was set on buying one. Thankfully, the guy at Guitar Center advised me to go for a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR instead, and it was in fact cheaper than the Razorback by about $150.

I still have the Hellraiser and it is in great condition, in fact it was only about 8 months ago that I even bought another guitar so it has had heavy use.

If I had bought a Razorback I am skeptical that it would have lasted me this long for these reasons:

It may have literally fallen apart.
Those extreme body shapes are very prone to chipping paint.
I have gone off the ML shape. Well, I like the look of Xiphoses but the Razorback I was going to get I have now gone off.
I would have got tired with the sound. The pickups in it arn't particularly good.

If you like the guitar and have the money I would say go for it, but they are not amazing guitars.
just my 2 cents.... i have a razorback bumblebee which I've owned for 2 years and gigged regularly. it hasn't fallen apart, the dime bucker in the bridge is a great sounding pickup through my setup, it's a large guitar but doesn't feel like it when you play it, it has a comfortable neck and guitars are only prone to chipping paint if you hit them on things!.... mine hasn't got any chipped paint or any other marks that aren't on my other guitars through normal gigging etc.
if it's the guitar you like, then go for it!

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