I've decided against using my TSL footswitch, as I don't need to change channels. However, I thought I'd use my LPB1 to boost the volume for solos, but there doesn't seem to be any major increase in volume on the overdrive channel, although it works very well on the clean channel!
What can I do to boost the overdrive channel for solos?
If you want to boost the signal, put the pedal in front.
If you want to boost the volume, put the booster in your fx loop.

However you can use your Tsl footswitch and a regular cable to boost the volume of the amp. Just connect fx in and fx out with a cable, put all the dials regarding fx loop on max and when you need a boost, step on the fx button on your footswitch.

I do it with my Tsl this way, quite pleased.
Thanks for that. Actually, I'm avoiding the footswitch as it's really too big to go on my board, not that I have many pedals on there, only 5 but it takes up a lot of space. So I'll try the pb1 thu the effects loop. Cheers :-)