Iv heard lots about this guitar, and in its time it was apparantly a huge hit in the market.
Mahog body and neck with an ebony fretboard and a string through design. mag volume with push/pull coil tap and mag tone with push/pull coil tap fpr two Stingers - Alnico Humbuckers and 22 frets.
It fits the desciption of a beauty of a guitar, especially for those into jazz and blues!
i wanted to hear opinions about this guitar from the users if any are around!?
also suggestions to pup swaps
Had one before I became a Fender guy. Very, very solid guitars. The coil tap sounds only alright, but the stingers are really solid pickups, too.
what do the coil taps lack? im picking a used pm 20 in just a couple of days and want to make sure im not making a mistake. how were the tuners though?any other inputs?
Volume dropped, and they weren't as punchy as I would have liked, but it gets the desired effect.
Depends. The stingers when not tapped sounded very good, I thought. I'd try the guitar out and see before you decided on a swap. Remember, you shouldn't buy a guitar with immediate thoughts of upgrading it.
true, il definately spend some time with the stingers and see what best i can get out of it. but could you tell me a bit more about the tuners and if its neccessary to change them if i go live?
thanks man . il put a review once i get it.really excited! its going to be my first proper guitar!