Hi guys,

New to the guitar. I'm 33 years old. Better late than never. I was able to get my hands on an Epiphone Slash Appetite as I am a massive GNR fan. There is one small problem, i am totally in love with a 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage cherry sunburst. I simply cannot think of having anything better to learn. the look, the feel, everything.

Would it be totally irrational to sell the epi and buy the Gibson LP standard? Will I be ruining the experience of becoming good and then appreciating the upgrade to a brilliant guitar? Cheers
Don't start learning on an amazing, 1000000000$ guitar and then figure out you don't actually want to play after all.
Keep the Epiphone (great guitar too), learn to play properly, then in 10 years when you're pro splash out on the big guns.