Het guys, I've been playing organ for quite awhile and while I'm good at baroque kind of improvisation and all I'm not really into rock organ and all, so I figured I might get into the whole thing with Deep Purple! Suggest me some songs that have some nice rock organ riffs [read all songs srsly tho lemme know your favorites]

also if anybody plays rock/blue organ, I'd appreaciate any other input on techniques and all

EDIT: I also know about the keyboard thread but I figured I'l get more input here
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wok0fV4Fp7w < one of their lesser known songs(the full version is even better, but I can't find a good quailty version on YouTube)

Dp are my fav band of all time, if you have any questions on them, I'll happily answer them.
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Perfect Strangers.

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Fireball and Black Night are good ones that no one has mentioned yet.
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