Really good. I sort of grew out of Linkin Park, but this really had me interested. Can't say I could hear the bass, but apart from that it was flawless really. I loved your intro, and that dude on the vocals did one sick job

You certainly looked like you were having fun, smiling all the time, and that's what really matters, I guess.

Keep it going man!
I liked the singer.He's really good.

I felt that you focused too much on the low notes of the seven string and forgot about the harmonic peaks in the riff though and that kind of took away from the flow of the pre-chorus.Not really much to the riff in the first place so I think playing it with those harmonics is very important.

The snare in the intro was really annoying.You should make up a pattern for it.

Is that a freakin Rock Bank keyboard?

It sounds pretty well mixed and overall it is a great cover.

Could you share your thoughts on this:

My cover
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