I just checked Musicians Friend and realized that Standard Strats and Teles are going for $499.99 now. I'm glad I got my Standard Strat back in 2005/2006 when they were $399.99!

I've got questions though...

Are they built better now? ex. more reliable tuning pegs for longer stretches between tuning, better wood, nicer pick-ups, stronger bridge/bridge springs, better wiring?

If not, is this simply a reaction the recession in America?

Has this been gradual?

Or... are they just cheaper ($399.99ish) around Christmas time and more expensive outside of Christmas time?

Because, honestly, if it happens to be the case that they haven't improved the model and this is just a reflection of the recession I would never buy a standard Strat or Tele now at the current price of $499.99.

I love my Strat, it's great, I'll always go back to it when I get new guitars just for the sheer nostalgia and the feel of it that I've gotten used to... but it is not in the slightest bit worth $499.99. It is half the price of an American series, but it is not half the guitar of an American series, and in my opinion it's more between a 1/3 and a 1/2, more leaning towards 1/3.

Buuuuut, THEN AGAIN! Quality varies from guitar to guitar, and perhaps the factory was having a lazy day when my Strat was made. I have played a great Standard Strat or two and thought I was jipped... but that was recently, and perhaps they ARE made to a higher quality these days?

Hopefully someone can give me a good answer! Cheers, UG!
Well, if guitar prices inflate along with the rest of inflation, a guitar that cost 400 USD in 2006 should now cost ~475, so they really haven't increased the price a lot. Just adjusted for inflation.
I thought this thread was going to be about price increases for the new American standard Fenders.
Well, consider that transportation costs have increased. Because gasoline has gone up in price, so has the cost to transport goods. Ergo, just like everything else, guitars have gone up in price. Nonetheless, you might get a better deal around Christmas.
Quote by Spud Spudly
I thought this thread was going to be about price increases for the new American standard Fenders.

Yeah, we can talk about that too! Right when I was done posting this thread, I checked on the prices of American Series Fenders and they've gone up as well!

I was more so wondering if the quality has changed at all or if it is still the same specs as they have been for the past 8 years. I realize that inflation has to do with it, but a $100 increase seems like a doozey of a price increase. That's a %25 mark-up over 6 years, and I was thinking that maybe they had also increased the quality slightly in the case that maybe less and less people are buying guitars since the recession hit, and so they have to have higher quality products to compete with other brands and keep sales up.

But I guess you guys are right about it simply being inflation. I just saw that Gibson Standard SGs are $1,199.99 when back around 2006 they were $999.99. It's a shame, for many people it's getting harder and harder to come by jobs with quality pay, and yet products are only going up in price.
In 07 or 08, some time after the Strat's 60 anniversary, Fender revamped the Standard Series (commonly known as MIM, though there are other Made In Mexico Fenders) much like how they recently revamped the American Standards. The differences included upgraded pickups*, upgraded tuners, and a heavier, thicker tremolo block.

(*Modern Fender single coils use a single bar magnet attached to the bottom of the six individual pole pieces instead of the six individual magnetized pole pieces of vintage and older strats. While they are more powerful than the previous pickups, it is questionable if this was an improvement.)

Standard Telecasters received a similar treatment around the same time, but only upgrading the pickups and the tuners.
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They also pulled the gig-bag.

And they stopped specifying body wood... So they're now made out of 5-11 pieces of unspecified wood + veneer on top and back (or else the glue-joints would show up through the finish when the wood shifts just a tiny, tiny bit).

I still think they're good value for money though. All I have personally played have been solid builds with extremely comfortable necks.
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You can blame America's tanking economy, and also of course the knock-on effect that had one every other country too. The cost of basic materials used in guitar manufacture has tripled over the last couple of years. When you scale it along with your regular ol' inflation too you see that shops, distributors and the manufacturers are all making less profit per unit than they wer ea few years ago. So as a consumer it sucks that the prices have gone up, but it sucks even more for the guys making them and the shops because they have to sell more units, at these higher prices at a time when people are spending less, just to stay even with what they were doing a few years back.
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