I'm a begginer, a want to star playing the guitar.
I´m thinking on a schecter omen 6 or schecter demon 6?
What do you think? It´s a good guitar for learning?
I wanna play rock, metal and other things like blues.
Try them both out see what you like. I started on acoustic, I just did not want to plugging and take an amp with me everywhere I went.
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I can tell you that I started with the Schecter Omen 6 and have always been happy with it.
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go to your local shop and explain what you want. be specific with things like price and intended genres. don't go in saying that you want to play some really complicated prog-metal stuff (its a few years off at least...). be clear about your budget and the gear you need within it (you'll need a guitar, amp, lead cable, tuner, picks and maybe a stand). also be clear about the sorts of genres that you want to learn to play, or the sort of stuff that is inspiring you to play (again, don't walk in and say "I want to play Protest the Hero or Animals as Leaders" right off the bat).

a good sales associate will help you find APPROPRIATE gear, and a really good sales associate may help you set up a package deal. they can also direct you towards sale merchandise. they can also play things for you so that you understand what they'll sound like when you can play better. just don't let the sales person demo through an amp you can't afford. always ensure they demo the entire rig for you, and explain every element to you, just before you buy it so you know exactly what you're getting.
If you can afford the Demon, you might want to look at the Omen Exteme, instead of the Omen. Also, the Demon has actives, which are a bit sterile for non-metal. Personally, I'd get the Omen Extreme. Probably best to stay away from the floyd rose too.
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Hi! My budget is low and i don´t play yet, so a think i will buy this: epiphone special II.
What do you think?
Quote by Cat2012
Hi! My budget is low and i don´t play yet, so a think i will buy this: epiphone special II.
What do you think?

What is your budget and location...
We'd need numbers to work with.

Personally, I've only played the low quality.Schecter guitars, and I did not like it. It felt weird (hard to describe), and the sound was... Lacking.
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Budget (give us a maximum at least)?
Willing to go used?

The only thing I can say without hesitation is that you need to avoid anything with a locking tremolo system - they're a lot of hassle to set up and as a beginner you want to be playing, not failing at setting it up.

PS. Epiphone's entry level guitars (anything under 400$) are generally thought of to be a bit crap.
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