I just got this keyboard but I don't know how to get it to actually make any sound at all! It's quite frustrating. This is my first time trying to use MIDI, but I am used to Reaper.

I have gotten so far as to have recorded a snippet that showed some MIDI notes, but they wouldn't playback with any sound. How do I set this up?
Did you add any VSTi to the track? Make sure you're recording with the same midi channel that the plugin is using (you can usually change within the vsti which channel to use).
ReaSynth I tried to use but I don't know if it works or how to use it.

Edit: I think my problem might be that I don't know if it's possible to be playing the keyboard and hearing it through the speakers at the same time. That's all I want but I really can't figure it out
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So you're getting sound during playback in Reaper after it has been recorded, but not when playing live? Then you most likely haven't activated monitoring on your track. It's the little icon that looks like a speaker, it should be gray now, click it and it turns green and presto, you've got monitoring.
Excellent I got it to play through my speakers as I played it live! Thanks!

However I actually really want a piano sound, not a synthesizer. Reaper only seems to have a synthesizer, what are good VSTi's for pianos?
You're welcome.
If you want something free, 4front piano and General (or find it here if you don't trust random mediafire links) are quite alright. Don't expect anything super realistic sounding though with lots of articulation and multisamples, but they work just fine for practice. Also Native-instruments offer a free version of Kontakt that comes with a couple of instruments, pretty sure there's a piano in there somewhere.