Alright, this idea I had might sound slightly strange, but I think there is a fair amount of truth to it.

Did any of you realize after a sufficient time of playing jazz music that your sentence structure when you speak kind of started to adhere to the rhythm and contour of melodic statements? Like, you became acutely aware of the pitch of your voice, when it was raising and lowering, where you place accents etc.

Or another good one; ever notice that when jazz musicians speak, many of them have great difficulty staying on one topic, they'll always go off on various tangents that are sometimes only loosely associated with their original idea. Which, if you think about it, is exactly the same sort of mental process that occurs during improvisation; you come up with an idea or motif, and you try to extend it and alter it, then see where it can lead you next.

If anybody is involved in psychoacoustics, I'd really like to be informed about the science behind this. I think it's pretty fascinating that playing music can almost in a way rewire your entire brain and how you process information.
I couldn't think of a thing that I hope tomorrow brings
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Thats life. We improvise, hopefully you know where you are going next. lol Seriously though when the guitar becomes a part of your life where like things remind you of guitar that's where you need to be. Its great to have such a positive feeling with guitar that you always look forward to it and connect everything with it like school projects etc. Unfortunately, I am not much with the voice something to work on I guess.