I'm planning to get a 7 string guitar soon. I really want to learn some songs by DREAM THEATER, PERIPHERY, and TRIVIUM. Should I get an Ibanez S7420 or a Schector C-7? Last time I checked, the Ibanez S7420 was $800 when I checked, while the Schector was $400.

Also, I'm thinking about getting new strings. My Ibanez Gio GAX 70 currently has Ernie Ball Slinky Top Heavy Bottom Strings. Should I stick to Ernie Ball? Should I try out the heavy Dunlop strings, because TRIVIUM uses them?
Ibanez by far.

I like Dunlop strings. Try em out and see what you like better.
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1) You shouldn't get new strings (or any other piece of gear) just because someone uses it. It's all personel preference and if you don't find something missing in your current strings then why should you change them?

The Ibanez is likely to be much higher quality and easy to play. It'll be very hard to play a 7 string with a thick neck like the Schecter but the Ibanez will have a thinner neck. Of course, neck preference is all opinion and you should try them out to see which feels better in your hand, the thick Schecter neck or the thin Ibanez neck.

The Ibanez will also be better built and have better components. Most of the time with guitars you get what you pay for. Now just choose whether you actually want to pay $400 for the Ibanez.