So pigtronix analog synths and modulators give you a solid and rich analog tone.
especially with the variety pigtronix is offering, its unbeatable.
except for the gr 55.
what is the best option and the advantages of either.
collecting pigs is a task, but once you have the gr-55 you dont need more.
These are two completely different approaches to "synth." The similarities are much, much fewer than the name would have you believe. If you have to ask which one to get, perhaps you're not really familiar enough with how they work. It would be very difficult to get one to do anything the other one does.

The Roland unit turns your signal into a digital one and tries very hard to get it to sound like a different kind of signal.

The Pigtronix analog stuff takes your signal and warps it every which way, with malice aforethought and no intention whatsoever of sounding like anything else.

So, if you want your SG to sound sorta like a strat, or sorta like a French Horn, the Roland is useful. If you want your face to explode, Pigtronix is the ticket.
thanks for such a clear reply. im interested in analog guitar modulators/filters. uptill now pigtronix, moog, and electro-harmonix is all iv come across. what else could i find in the market at a reasonable price?
Pigtronix makes great stuff. The disnortion rocks!
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Gotta love the earthquakers, cheap buy such interesting little toys.
Thanks for the input guys. I was actually really interested in guitar synth pedals but if i was to start collecting them i just wanted to be 100% positive. Did my research and in due time will be purchasing my first pigtronix-mothership. i am very much intrigued by it!