Hey all!

I've been writing music for a while and just now I started recording my own stuff and posting it online... I was talking to a friend of mine about how regardless of one's musical style and techniques there's always things to learn and such, and believe me, each day I learn something new regarding playing skills, recording techniques, mixing, and many other things just by reading online and experimenting by myself.

The thing is, he said "well how about looking for a summer program or something like that?". I had not really considered it before due to some personal reasons I won't bother you with. However, I've got some questions now..

Would you consider it actually worth it? Considering things like time, effort, costs, among other things. (I actually have very basic knowledge of music theory)

Where would you go if you had the opportunity to attend to a music institue? I've googled info on this but you get mixed and quite confusing results. For example, you hear about how a place like Berklee is a good place, but then you also hear about it being overrated and overpriced and not worth it.

I'm not really fond of any particular location, although I think most of the people in here are from the US (not sure), and the most accessible places for me would be US and Canada, I wouldn't mind hearing from other countries as well.

Thanks a lot.

Oh by the way, this is my current project in case you think it should be considered while making a decision https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1526635. I'm not just a metalhead or progressive fanboy, I also enjoy many other music styles.
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I've never done any summer music programs. Honestly, I'm not sure how much they can really help. I think the most benefit of it is that you get to play with a lot of other musicians and touch up on a few technical things. So it seems to be more of an "experiential" environment that can be an inspiration booster, especially if you're normally isolated. But personally, I wouldn't do any summer programs like Berklee's 5 Week.

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Thanks for you opinion Xioxi, I kinda feel the same way about it.

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