Hello everyone, I'm looking for something to record on. I have "Audacity" that I was using but I'm not too happy with what it does. I need something that I can edit the audio and my voice with. I use my "Peavey Vypyr 15" to get the guitar effects I want and I use "Guitar Pro 6" to make any other instruments I need. I just want something to add vocal effects if I need to and to cut audio, just something better than Audacity.
Just to help I use a USB microphone and have a record out M/M cable from my amp to my PC in the microphone jack. Thanks for the help!
Weirdbag, how much is it? I've heard of it but I'm not too familiar.
You really couldn't just Google it??

The evaluation lasts as long as you want for free, should you choose to buy a license, its $60.
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I use Mixcraft. It's great to start off with, it's like the windows version of Garageband which is definitely a big jump from audacity. you can find a registration code on youtube and have it for free FOREVER.
There's always Cakewalk or Protools. $100 versions of those exist.

Don't use Cubase, though. It's trash!