Hello Pit,
I'm looking to start exercising regularly again. I usually walk quite a bit per day, but I'm looking for something a little more intense. The student residence I live in has an exercise gym sort of room in the common building that has basically everything (medicine balls, treadmills, stair masters, bench presses, dumb bells, etc) and the track isn't far from me either.
What I need help with is setting up a weekly routine. I know how to use all of the machines and am willing to do cardio. I just honestly don't know what sort of routine would be best. I currently weigh 230 lbs (yeah, I'm a fatass) and I'm looking to get down into about 175-190 lb weight. If any of you could help me, that would be awesome!
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If only the Pit had an Exercise and Nutrition Thread.

You could spell out entire words.

Or ask the exercise thread.
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duhhh I'm stupid. Sorry about not hitting up the Exercise thread. If this thread can be deleted, I'll take my questions there. Sorry again
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Well what do you want to achieve?
If you just want to get a `6 pack` (a easy, useless goal imo), and impress some girls or whatever, just lift some weights in a 4 day routine- there's more information than you can imagine about this on the internet, you'll gain some muscle, a bit of strength, look better.

I don't like that giant nutrition thread... it's just people talking about different brands of protean shake, or who can bench the most.

Also, don't use machines- use only the free weights, machines- are bad.
Very bad.

And now, go forth to google!
There is LOADS of info on this, just watch everything you come across, even if it's not directly related to what you want to achieve.

Some basic pointers for a routine though:
Have at least 1 or 2 days off a week.

Don't work the same muscle 2 days in a row, unless you have a specalised routine, set up for this.

Be smart, and work muscles that work together, on the same days.
For instance the chest and the triceps
or the back and the biceps.

Don't forget your legs.

Cardio should probably be your primary thing, to get rid of the fat, 5 days a week 30 mins minimum, (I suggest exercising on week days only, weekend can be off)

Start watching what you eat- not as many cakes!
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Also, don't use machines- use only the free weights, machines- are bad.
Very bad.

This is terrible advice, do not listen to this. I personally mostly use free weights but I would advise starting on machines. You're less likely to injure yourself and more likely to see gains. If you want to start free weights then by all means do though, just be careful.
oh god everyone shut up please.

OP, go to bodybuilding.com and visit their forum. you'll have more than enough info there.

pretty much if you want to lose weight start doing a weightlifting routine (because when you lose the weight you don't want to be just skin and bone do you?) and eat clean, and don't starve yourself because then you're just doing yourself no good. i can cut weight at 2200 calories, so its easy for me not to feel hungry through out the day.

once again, bodybuilding.com has a great forum, check it out.

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I agree with the above. Go to bodybuilding.com's forum. The thread on here is horrendous
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm not really looking to get super buff or anything, just to cut some weight and feel a bit better about myself while adding some muscle
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Cardio, eat right, and set a regular schedule for your exercises. A few free weights exercises will help too. Have you tried looking up a plan on google? (that should've been your first step)