Would like some feed back on this song before I go with it. I was never sure about thi sone myself but according to other people so far it's either "awesome" and/or "it sucks".

Don't sugar-coat it, just be specific. Will crit-back.


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Did you write this all yourself? It's pretty badass, dude. My only crit would be the vocals seemed like they could use a bit of work. I didn't feel like they possessed the power and aggressiveness the rest of the music was conveying.

But overall, man killer song.

BTW, you mentioned the mix on my tune, and while I know I probably won't get pro sound anyway, I would appreciate any mixing advice you might have. Anything helps
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Hey man, I love the tone of your guitar. The vocals kind of rub me the wrong way, could use some work. Other than that, I love everything else about it. Good job.
I dig this, though there is definitely room for improvement. I feel, especially in the faster more complex parts that the bass and guitar don't really lock in as well as they should, though that could possibly be because the guitar and bass have been mixed to keep them separate (which is entirely a stylistic option).

The vocals definitely need work, not sure if that's technique or equipment, but they do lack power. Maybe consider double tracking them for more power? Also got to say the vocals in the middle 8 part were... well kinda horrible.

The drums are niggling yet not song ruining flaw to me in this track. I appreciate the difficulty in getting good sounding programmed drums but it is possible, just apply standard drum treating technique to fake drums and you can get something good.

Okay I'm gonna now talk about the song writing, which to me is the biggest flaw. Really this kinda of thrashy punky song does not need to be nearly 6 minutes long. Really this sorta thing is more suited to like 2-3 minutes... maybe 4 at a push. It felt far too long and got kinda boring after a while. I honestly thought it was going to end after it started to slow down, like one more verse and then done, but it just kept going and honestly I lost interest. Maybe you could take ideas from the song and make two songs? Just my 2 pence.


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It was repetitive and could be shortened. The mixing wasn't great but it wasn't awful either. Vocals weren't very good sorry to say, especially the breakdown. The breakdown itself was to long. You seemed to sing with not enough volume, like trying to not let somone hear you in the other room type of thing. To sing this type of music you need to put more power in, but if your a beginner vocalist i would advice voice lessons first, get your basic voice right, then you can start growling and screaming. the guitar playing was pretty good, nice job on the programmed drums and bass. Just the vocals weren't up to par, singing is pretty hard, i've been singing for a couple years and still have trouble.

So thats my honest assessment of your song.

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Mr. Leather Sleeves,
This reminded me somehow of "TV Party" (which I think is hilarious) by Black Flag. I'm not saying your song was meant to be humorous, but maybe you were. Except for the vocals maxing out a couple of times, sounds pretty good for a punk-type song. It's fine by me if you weren't trying to growl, I don't like growling anyway. Please review my music at this link:

I can kinda feel the style you're going for and I think you're getting it pretty well. I also really love that intro/main riff. Obviously the mixing and recording needs more work though I'm not sure if that's the kind of guitar tone you were going for. The vocals seem like fitting metal vocals but requires a bit more strength and like i said, needs better mixing and recording. The bridge is nice and heavy. Makes me nod my head with that sick riff! I would have personally made the drums a bit more crazier in the bridge to vary the song more and get the listener's blood running though. In any case, it's a song with some nice riffs. With the proper recording techniques and a good drummer to add some more aggressiveness to the song, I think you'd have one fine heavy metal song to scare society with \w/
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Sweet intro riff. The guitar track could have been double-tracked and would have sounded a lot better in the mix. Good playing though. The vocals really aren't my thing. I love the feel you're trying to go for. You're close to it, but the vocals need to have more power backing them. I feel like you hold back a lot. The drums could be more aggressive and a bit louder. The guitar is way louder than the drums the entire time. Love the bass and how it follows the guitars well in the beginning. The breakdown didn't really seem like a breakdown. Sounds like you weren't taking it completely serious and started to mess around some. Could use more work. I like the overall idea quite a bit though. Keep it up.

Dude even though I'm not really into this style I did like it. Reminded me of Iron Maiden at the beginning. Power stuff that makes you headbang. I liked the guitar tone. The drums could use some better mixing, sometimes they feel a bit off.

The riff that starts at 2:46 got me hooked. But unfortunately the vocals in that part completely blew it off, the singing and the mixing for the vocals definitely need work.

I think an appropiate ending for the song would've been at 4:42, without that singing there. Cause then it gets back to more of the same riffs and it's quite a turn off after that tough riff you had going.

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