my first ever self-written, self-recorded, and self-released tune.

It's repetitive, lengthy, and at times discordant, but hopefully interesting and/or enjoyable.

I would be massively, massively grateful for any constructive criticism that heads this way.

Just put this on, closed my eyes, sat back and relaxed. It was really good to start off with and I liked the sounds you made and the mixing quality. Reminds me of 'Mogwai' and other Post Rock groups such as 'Godspeed You black Emperor'.

Constructive crit: Personally I would have shortened it by making it less repetitive (That glitchy part at the end went on for a little too long and I struggled to listen to the whole thing, although I did like it when it was subtly behind the sounds from the start of the song) and adding more melodies to it , to make the song more memorable. I would also have had some lower end sounds in there, such as bass, cello or something, just to give it more body and add some percussion every now and again such as timpani and crash cymbals to add climax/suspense, or even a contemporary drum kit to give it a simple groove. (I know you're not writing a contemporary pop song, but you don't have to be to have a pulse or something you can sing along to)

All in all, great efforts and I really enjoyed it and I look forward to hearing more in the future!

P.S: I was wondering how you made those ambient 'synth' sounds at the beginning through to the middle section, I really liked the tones and would like to use something similar in my own music, Thanks!