A fun and engaging way for children to learn to play guitar. This book has 17 play along songs with vibrant illustrations and quirky song lyrics. It teaches children how to play along with music recordings using simple notation. Titled "A Day in the Musical Life of Kasey." Children can learn to play the music that the book character, Kasey hears in his headphones throughout his musical day. The music is truly captivating and explores many genres including: pop, rock, hip-hop, country, bluegrass, reggae and jazz. The music was professionally recorded by the author in a recording studio and the dynamic illustrations were done by designer Lisa Fu. Each song has lyrics that a parent or child can read before or as they listen to the song. Simple music notation is printed at the bottom of each song and shows the notes that the child should play on their guitar.

With the help of a guitar teacher or a parent that has some guitar knowledge, a young beginner has a high rate of success using this method book. After trying several children's method books without much success author, Kelly Weeks decided to create this book. He believes that learning to play music is similar to learning to speak, imitation should precede basic reading and writing skills. He developed this book as an answer for children 4 and up who truly want to play guitar but may not be ready to read music notation.