I picked up this old 3/4 acoustic today at a garage sale for $5. I've looked around the internet to see if I could find any identification, but I could not. If anyone has any information or could tell me anything about this guitar I'd appreciate it. It looks to me like an old student guitar, I'm just not sure how old.

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I'd say late 70's through to 90. What's the brand name? It's hard to distinguish
The brand name is Monarch, the only other text on the guitar is Steel Reinforced Neck decal, no serial number.
Not at all familiar with that brand - gotta say it doesn't look like much...

Are the tuners stamped/marked at all? Have you tried looking inside the guitar (use a mirror and flashlight) for a date and/or serial number, or any other info you may glean?
A few companies had a model called Monarch,but the only company that sold guitars under the Monarch name in the US was by the Carl Fisher Instrument Company, they didn't manufacter them, but rebranded guitars made both domestically and and overseas, mostly Italy. The company discontinued instrument sales sometime in the 50s.

Although your guitar is in the style of guitars made in that era it lacks some of the telltale signs, most notably, the inside label is too bright, it should have a very faded, peeling look. Most interesting is the Greek motiff of the rosette.

If I were to guess, I would say it was made in italy is the 70s or 80s as an export, it has the same gold label on the headstock that the Carl Fisher flattops used.

Another possibility, athough slim, is that it is a product of Japan's 70s copy craze, they did knockoffs of everything, from cheap Kays to Martins.

The big question is how does it sound and play?
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Thanks for all the info, to be honest it plays and sounds much better that I was expecting it to. I put some new strings on it today and sounds surprisingly very good. For $5 dollars I'm happy with any new instrument for my collection, and all other things aside it's an interesting piece.

Thanks again for the info