I need (2) 12" 75watt Flat Response Speakers for my 150 watt stereo Line 6 Flextone III XL.

It still has the stock Line 6 version of the Celestion 70/80's. A less than desirable speaker for sure.

I have been told that speakers with a flat response are better for Modeling Amps. Not sure how much stock I should put into that advice...

My heart tells me that I should only worry about getting a speaker that sounds good, than tweak away from there...

Any good ideas?
Currently looking at these...

Features: Continuous power handling: 300W Freq. Response 80Hz - 7kHz Sensitivity: 100dB Magnet Structure Weight: 16lbs Net Weight: 19lb Impedance: 8 or 16 Ohms Voice Coil Diameter: 2.5 Frame Material: Cast Aluminum Depth: 6

Electro-Voice Evm-12L Black Label 12" Speaker 8 Ohm
Electro voice EVM12L Classic Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm
Electro Voice Electro-Voice EVM12L Black Label Zakk Wylde Speaker (8 Ohms)

Has anybody here hever tried one out?
Does one sound better than the other?
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Try the Eminence Delta pro 12A

I have a pair of EVM12L's, and they are pretty flat, with a nice high end rolloff. They're great! But expensive. When EV stopped making the 12L, Eminence made the Delta Pro as a copy of the speaker. It's pretty close, it's also heavy, with lots of power handling, and CHEAP!
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The EVMs are killer speakers but pricey and incredibly heavy. I definitely wouldn't want to put them in a combo and probably wouldn't drop that much coin on speakers for a Flextone but YMMV.
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Try finding those Delta Pros used, you'll save a few bucks and already have speakers that are broke in. Plus if you don't like 'em you can sell them for what you paid practically.
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