I dont know if it's bad that I bought a new guitar just for looks. At the time of purchase I loved the sound of the fender blacktop jazzmaster, played great through the hot rod deluxe in the shop (because thats what i own), but when i got it home it just sounded so dry and boring!I've done an immense amount of research and it seems people mod them to sound like vintage jazzmasters, but im looking for a thicker, richer sound. but I have no clue what to expect from a new set of pickups! The seymour duncan pearly gates caught my interest, but does that sound like a stupid idea? (for the bridge pickup) And im not really in love with the p90 either.
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Not really a bad idea, but you should also replace the Jazzmaster pickup in the neck (There are no Fender Jazzmasters with p90s). Mismatched pickups generally cause trouble. Seymour Duncan makes a Quarter Pound in the Jazzmaster shape.
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The Jazzmaster pickup is already about as thick-sounding as single coils get, and the Pearly Gates is a brighter and thinner-sounding pickup than the stock Fender one.

If thickness is what you want, look at the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom or the DiMarzio AT-1.

As for the Jazzmaster pickup, they're a bit more expensive but I'm a fan of Creamery pickups:

The Wide Range version will basically be similar to the sound of the stock pickup but doubled up - much more mids and hum-cancelling, but not a normal full humbucker tone. Wide Range pickups are basically the best of both worlds, right in the middle of single coil tone and humbucker tone. The P-90 version will have a smoother tone (like a P-90, duh) but is still a single coil so it will retain some brightness (like a P-90, duh). Either of them will give you a bit more grunt than the current pickup.

And kangaxxter is right, the pickup you have now is not a P-90. Jazzmaster pickups and P-90s are not the same.
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A Jazzmaster is not a P-90. It just isn't; the Blacktop Jazzmaster comes with a Jazzmaster pickup.

People confuse them because they're both single coils and both are fairly large. But they use different magnet structure and the coils are different shapes. A Jazzmaster pickup is like a normal Fender single coil, but super-sized. A P-90 is like a humbucker cut in half. P-90s generally have smoother tones with a bit more mids. Jazzmaster pickups usually have wider, flatter frequency response. A P-90 does not fit in a Jazzmaster space and a Jazzmaster pickup does not fit in a P-90 space.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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well in that case i very much despise my local music salesman, and i very much despise the jazzmaster pickup haha. Im sorry man.
Im just looking for a set of pickups that allow me to play rhythm. I play the bridge, very muddy when I strum chords, i play the jazzmaster pickup, too bright, very harsh on the ears when i play chords. and they both are just boring when I play solos and more melodic playing.
If I could, i would just go out and buy a hollowbody, because i love the way that sounds when its strummed. warm and full. but i cant part with the shape of my jazzmaster.
What it sounds like is you almost want the pickups reversed.

What amp do you have? Perhaps if we know that we can suggest some new pickups that will suit you. Though as I said before, those Creamery Jazzmaster pickups - especially the Wide Range one - will give you a smoother and warmer tone than the stock neck pickup you have right now, and the SD and DM bridge pickups I mentioned will also give you a much smoother tone while not getting muddy like the stock pickup. It does depend on what your amp is though.
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