see i am a bassist shifting up to guitars and plays only death black and thrash metal
So thing is i want to buy a electric guitar and my budget is pretty tight and is only limited to 350$
i went to a local store and here's the list

Ibanez Xiphos xpt300
Dean Vmntx
jackson js32
Esp Vseries
ESp ax series and all
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I'd go for the blackest, pointiest and EMGiest one.
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Can you go used? Maybe craigslist a ibanez rg550 or rg421 you can score a mij ibanez for around 350
Still i am based in India and you don't have too many option but to pay a steep delivery and octroi for your dream axe
i still checked dean tyrant x and were gr8 but were 22fretted

rg is a nice one but it all botched up tremolo job and loose pots
I'd go with the esp ax because it'll look the most pleasing to you probably and you dont want to be messing around with some floyd for your first 6 string.

If thats all you have around you then, get that

but play them all and decide then too! i'm just giving a recommendation, i'd sort of list them all down and play them all and compare looks, weight, and playability and see which one you like the most then.
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