That's awesome.
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Really good cover man technique wise you might want to use your pinky more and relax the fretting hand a bit to get out of that curled up spider pose. Altpicking is also great for metal songs like this if you are using a pick and is well worth practising. But really good cover, sounded very clean
Thank You for your feedback on my video
I must say you have done a pretty amazing job here .Towards the end it was perfect and well done for the solo I will agree with bungle bass about using your pinky more but that isn't much of a problem .Overall great cover and great quality
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It was good but I have watched a few of your videos and I'm not really a fan of your form.But I guess it gets the job done.Your playing does not sound like you are struggling but visually it looks that way.
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Well done! Sounds good and tight throughout. Not much to say really, maybe you can improve your first finger, sometimes it's bending backwards like when doing a barre chord (hope you get the idea.. xD). And by the way you got very long fingers.. o_O

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