Hello all,

I hope this is in the right spot, if not, my apologies. Anywho, Now I'm not a country fan, so it took me FOREVER to try and identify a song I heard coming from a neighboring car at an intersection earlier this week, but I did it.

Hopefully you kind folks might be able to help me out. I MUST KNOW how to re-create this sound(what effects etc.)

There's a distorted guitar riff that's played throughout this song, but it plays twice at the very beginning(0:07-0:12 and 0:19-0:24). It sounds almost like there's a REALLY compressed wah of some sort being used but I just CANNOT seem to re-create that sound for the life of me. PLEASE HELP!

Here it is. The song is "Hey Bobby" by K.T. Oslin

Clicky -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8RavlBqi9c

Doesn't sound like a wah so to speak, to me it just sounds like pinch harmonics

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You could get that sound with a wah by leaving it in one position. There are also pinch harmonics used in there.

You don't need a wah, some creative use of EQ and filtering will also get you there.
Sounds like a guitar with the tone rolled off, a fuzz, a some pinch harmonics. A wah might also be involved, but only set in one position.
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The guitarist is using pinch harmonics. Lots of mids on his tone. Crazy train is the same way, with more distortion. You should be able to flat your EQ, turn up the mids, turn down the distortion and pinch away.
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Thanks for all the ideas. I'm getting close to the sound. So far I've come closest by using a half-cocked wah and boosting my mids as high as I can before my amp and then eq-ing them again after the amp and scooping the mids back out. Also putting a compressor after my amp(before my speakers) helps. I'm getting there, just taking a LOT of experimentation, hah.
Quote by ibanezsa
It almost sounds like these auto wah pedals but with a very narrow range.

THAT WORKS PERFECTLY!!! Thank you so much man! Much Gratz.