Hello again

I've realised that the speaker cable I'm using is cheapo one so I'm going buy a new one to connect the head to the cab.

Would something like this do because there's no mention of heads/ cabs or anything guitar related on the description:


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They are overpriced crap. You are paying for the name.

Look at Dimarzio and Planet Waves speaker cables. The are good cables and don't cost an arm and a leg to buy. $50 for a cable is INSANE.
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Cheers Stoneyman! I was going to go for the Planet Waves one anyway as most of my cables are from them
If your head has the option to use speakon cables, I'd advise those at 1 end and regular jack at the other end . Whilst I've found these can be hard to come by straight off the shelf, a good guitar shop should be able to mix and match one together in 10 minutes for peanuts. I find they are more rugged if your gigging (which I presume you are if you have a halfstack), so taking the time to find them saves money in the long run.

However this is all my personnal preference, the leads you've posted should do the job very well. If sonic quality is the key issue, make sure your leads are as short as you can get away with to avoid loosing signal strength.

On a side note, if your a dab hand with a soldering iron and can fix leads (or fancy learning how at some point) I'd avoid buying the Planet Waves ones with a plastic casing at the end, as once they're broke, they're broke, no fixxy fixxy!
The one I was looking at was 5 foot long, is that an ok length? I've got loads of Planet Waves cables but because I don't gig I never put them under any stress so should be ok
get a cleartone speaker cable from award session. cheaper than planet waves and better (IMO). you can also get the exact length you want. length... really depends on what you want to do with it. if you just have a head on top of a cab then pretty short (1m) would work. if you want the option to put the cab on the other side of the room from your head then get longer.
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