There are tons of posts on here about what gear to get for someone on a budget. Usually all the same answers come up varying by what type of music is being played. So to sort of compile a list, I thought maybe everyone could come up with a setup of guitar, amp, and 2-3 pedals that are all sub $500 (guitar and amp) and sub $100 for pedals. I don't think it's been done, or atleast I couldn't find it. So...all sub $500 list

-Type of music its most suited to
-Atleast one guitar
-One amp for gigging guitarists, one for bedroom players
-2-3 pedals


Styles/sounds- Blues rock, heavy blues, funk rock, garage, classic rock

-MIM Fender Strat or Tele $500 new...uesd they can be had for $300 or sometimes even less. Covers many styles. Versatile, great guitars to learn on. Can get a cheap pickup swap that is still an improvement over stock and still be under 500

-Epiphone Dot...$300-400 new...great guitar for many styles, I like mine with GFS Surf 90s (neck) and Mean 90s(bridge)...with a cheap pickup swap you can still come in sub $500 especially used and can get sounds from blues and rock all the way to jazz.

Gigging- Jet City 20w head or combo, or used Jet City 50w combo...these amps are great and often sound better/as good as amps that cost 2-3 times the price tag.

Bedroom- Peavey Vypyr or Roland Cube...decent modelling amps, inexpensive, good amount of on board effects, perfect for home practicing

-Ehx big muff- Good fuzz sounds from subtle to really aggressive fuzz. Cheap

-Dunlop Crybaby- Classic wah sound, easy to use, cheap

-Ehx electric mistress- can do a ton of flanging and chorus/leslie type effects and you can find them used for around $100
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the info thread is done a little like this, but not actually by genre as such, and not for whole rigs.

it's a good idea, just be warned that (a) it's a ton of work (way more than you think now), (b) new gear comes out all the time so after you've done all that work there's still loads of stuff you've missed and (c) it's sorta thankless as a lot of people (i..e the ones who should) won't read it.

that being said, as i said, it is a good idea if you can be bothered.
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generically speaking, these would be my choices:
-Epi Dot: I agree with TS. very good all around guitar for decent money
-Epi LP studio: pretty similar to the dot, but its a solid body so it should be able to cope with more gain
-Squire vintage modified strat- theres gotta be a strat on the list
-Schecter omen 6: maybe the most metal guitar for the money thats still decent

-Peavey Vypyr 30: one of the better modelling amps, especially for metal. loud enough to compete with a drummer occasionally, sounds good at bedroom levels
-Fender Champion 600: try and find a better tube amp for under $200. small enough to crank at home
-VHT special 6 combo (or Ultra for more gain): hand wired tube amp for how much?! sounds great at bedroom levels, lots of gain. prefer it to smaller blackstars any day of the week.
-Roland Cube 40: there is a reason the cube series is always a top seller. they sound great, can compete with a drummer and last forever (mines over 12 years old and still going strong)

I would say none, because some of those amps are modelling units which have pretty decent built in effects. however, if you must have some pedals:
-Danelectro Fab Flange: dirt cheap and can make absolutely wild sounds
-Boss DS-1: a little bit unsophisticated, but it pushes the front end of most amps pretty well.
-Rogue Tremolo: actually pretty impressed by this one, it sounded quite good for the money. nice vintage trem sounds.
-MXR m148 chorus: it isn't the cheapest chorus around, but it is the cheapest good sounding one that I've found.

all the guitars and amps can be found easily for under $300, and the pedals (other than the MXR) are under $50