I've currently got the wah after the distortion and before the compressor (yes I know the compressor should go first but I like the way it sounds) and it's actually hurting my ears - it's a cutting sound which is killing my ear drums at a level where everything doesn't.

Should I whack it somewhere else to tame it a bit??
It's always worth a try. There aren't any real rules for pedal order, just typical conventions.

Putting a wah behind a gain device is going to dramatically increase the sweep. So in your case I'd put it before the distortion.

I like having a lighter OD in front of my wah, but leave the heavier dirt for after.
Thanks I'll give it a go - if that doesn't work I'll have to return it, it's bloody painful!!!
I put the wah at the front going into the Suhr riot, then on the Diamond Compressor I increased the compression slightly, cut the highs a bit on the EQ and reduced the volume. Then I increased the volume on the amp and bingo! Perfect - thanks again
Yeah you guys all right it's blatantly a good position to put it in right at the start.
I run my Morley in the FX loop of my GP-8. However, I hardly ever use the GP-8's effects, it's mainly there as a clean boost and MIDI controller. So essentially, I have it out front.
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I have always heard Wah's do better being first in the chain...

I have also heard that if you have a fuzz pedal, they can be troublesome going after a Wah...

Fuzz also likes to go first, and if fed an un-buffered Wah signal, a fuzz can sometimes act up.

But I agree, there is no hard fast rules on pedal order.
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The best sound I get out of the wah and the amp are at levels that really hurt my ears - so effectively I can only play it loud with my headphones on! That's is fine though, I work out guitar parts with the level turned down and then record with the phones on.

It's a killer effect but it canes your eardrums!!! Out in front is definately the best - if you send it into a chorus and delay (after distortion) it's sounds even better I've found.