*sorry if this is the wrong thread, i will happily repost if it is*

after doing a quick search, my question was unanswered, so here goes...

i have an LTD ec-1000 with emgs. i know that its "off" when i dont have a patch chord plugged in, but i'm wondering if anybody had an issue with the battery exploding/leaking/corroding etc.

i've gotten into more acoustic music the last few years so dont play my LTD nearly as much as i used to (maybe once or twice a month for an hour each time) so i've had a battery in there for at least 3 years now.

question: should i change it? i know its nowhere near dead, but yeah. what do you guys think?
It's up to you, your axe aint going to blow up or anything.
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if its not dead, don't change it. unless you have a gig or something coming up where having it die would be very inconvenient, don't bother changing it. the battery in my LP is at least 4 years old (its a permanent backup guitar), and I haven't had any issues with it.

that being said, its like $4. your call. you wont damage anything either way.