I wrote such beautiful prose some hours ago. It was true pride I felt, entirely unworthy of its maturity and depth, it was as natural as the spoken vowel and I meant every word. Synopsised, it concerned an idea i've played with for months, but with procrastination, it's been net, one month. However, there are results to be seen.

The idea . .. well after years of failings and hollow winnings in music and writing aphorisms, I thought, why not amalgamate the two. Not like the audio books with their long speeches and their midi-esque, overly melodic intermission sounds in major keys. I have created an overtly, polar opposite organism. I begin each recording with an introductory narrative, small and dimly lit and follow it then with something greater, pure music. The music is intrumental guitar biased but oh how interesting, such creepy sounds.

I thought, I'll upload these uncharacterised creations so that they can be heard weekly. Listen to each in the dark. Start at week 1, it begins everything that will follow in the future.

Déjà Tears
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