hey guys, ugh I hate how the htings are done but Im playing at this open air concert and while they said it's on sunday I found out its today about an hour ago. I need flyers or visit car d kind of things to be printed. I need help!

what I need em to be is have Vendetta V on t and say my website www.vendettav.tk and my email v.shred@yahoo.com
I'd want at least 8 such flyers on one a4 page. if you guys can get it doneId be infinitely thankful!

also i'm like buckethead kind of dude so think of the style of the flyers to be like that. black and white please

here's a flyer
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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ah guys I geuss I'll jut ditch the idea. never mind...

Just provide more information and I'll make something.
dude! I'm on it.
tell me what else do you want on it, on how you visualize it to look like?
I like where this thread is going.


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Ah, sorry. Completely missed the part about Buckethead. Here, I included his guitar:

First thing I thought of was something like this when I read OP.
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whoomit, can you make it more like visit card zied and arrange it on A4? I dont have any of the softwares on my netbook and Im away from home now

Sorry dude, I wasn't home when you posted this comment :\

I'm guessing it's too late now?