Hey guys was just looking for some reviews (and views for that matter hehe) on my peaceful and relaxing song deep blue. The start does go on a bit i admit so i will change that but other advice would be great Also along with c4c if you share it on facebook ill share ur song no problem hope you enjoy

haha think you are the only person ever to even comment on the bass thanks alot and ofcourse as promised ill c4c both u guys now
Cool song, I like the feel. Nice progression, fairly typical but well done. Nice smooth solo too, it would be nice if you did a little more with the solo but it works anyway.
well done
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lovely progressions, it's really nice, soothing and flows really well. Great technique on the soloing. I will probably listen to this again and again while I study for my exams hahaha, great job!
Well help yourself I really love it when people say things like that It means alot. I really like your youtube videos aswell
This is a beautiful piece it's so relaxing and meditating. The guitar solo has so much emotion in it, far better then these modern day solo's which are all about speed and have no feelings in them. This is a fantastic piece you should be proud of it

One criticism would be that maybe the start goes on a bit to long but other then that it is really a beautiful song well done !
Im really surprised you guys keep mentioning the bass haha I hardly spent any time on it. I basically finished the song and thought right might aswell add a bass Maybe i should consider bass as my main instrument :P
Very cool dude, the slideshow of beautiful landscapes really set it off :P

The solo was sweet, like MyaApple said too many people focus on speed in guitar solos when it really shouldn't be about that at all. Emotions baby, it's all about making that guitar sing or cry or scream depending on the context. What would've been cool would be to hear the guitar change tones, or have two guitars alternating solo phrasings, just cos that one guitar sound is throughout the entire song. Or maybe the solo needed to hit some notes in the lower register, that would've spiced things up a little more.

Anyway great mellow track overall, check out some of my stuff if you get a chance,

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1521141 - This is an original.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1446506 - This is a Radiohead cover.

Left remarks on your YouTube. I said, Wow, I really like this. It's really good. And you spent time on the video too. Which is cool. At a few places in this track it reminded me of Top Gun a little bit... Haha. Very very simple, but very relaxing. lol. I feel like a few places could have been a little more edgy... But you know what? It gets what it was going for which is what counts! You did a real good job here buddy.

Due to the lacking of just a teeny bit of edginess I have to dock your score just a teeny bit... 8.5/10. .

And liked your vid.
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nice song dude People are right the bass is sweet ! (I am a bassist) Thats a damn cool solo aswell i'd love to listen to that live. Is this all you or are you in a band ?

One thing that gets a little repetitive is the drum beat buts im assuming you were just using a pre made beat for it so other then that great work ! 9/10
Sounds good, very relaxing. The hiss is a bit distracting, but I suppose there's not much you can do about that. I absolutely loved the lead guitar tone, it sounds perfect for this kind of song. The playing's also nice and tight. I would've preferred that the lead guitar entered a bit earlier than it did; the song gets kind of dull until it does, frankly. Honestly, there's not much else to crit here, everything sounds really good and fitting. I would've enjoyed a more climax-y ending instead of the fade-out, because I think this song is perfect for some epic build-up and solo at the end, but that's just me. Overall, very good job dude, keep at it
@I_Am_Alive no im not in a band i just play on my own. No friends :'( haha no just none of my friends can be bothered to form a band. Also I dont know if i could play live id be so scared id make a mistake

@creeping.death yeah i do agree with u, with the start being to long and i do mean to change it but easter holidays and all, and university so meh just no time really
You get over it after the first gig haha Just curious you had a nice recording sound what did you use ? and what guitar do you have ?
Very tasteful all the way! Simple yet captivating. Sweet tone on the solo aswell! The solo itself could maybe progress just a little more, perhaps by having a section near the end which diverts more from the "main theme" of the solo. But that's a minor complaint, on the whole very very enjoyable!

Would be awesome if you gave a listen to the song here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1532343 and left some feedback
This was reaally cool it was beautiful and relaxing I really love the clean tone at the start, it mixes perfect with the feeling of the song, so does the lead tone, which is epic I really like the transition from the synthesiser(?) playin the melody to the guitar taking over, and when they later blended and both played melody really cool idea right there dude

The leads got epic in the end, really great feelings in your playing, you´re a great guitarplayer I will sub you man!
@ I_Am_Alive I'm sorry but i dont know what was used to record it because i recorded at my guitar teachers and he has like £4000 recording equipment so sorry about that The guitar i used to play that was a peavy exp which cost me £300 and it was a good guitar it was a little smaller then most guitars so you could play really akward chords alot easier. I know have a prs 25th anniversary its sooooo nice :P £700 i think it cost me but i love it it looks so pretty haha

@Pettah thank you so much i subbed you to, it really means alot
Hey man my friend told me to check this out and i'm glad i did beautiful music well done. The guitar solo is sweeeeet :P I could listen to this for hours. I will be revising over it i know that much This is one of the better songs iv heard on this site good job Only criticism is the one you know, the start goes on for a bit to long so other then that well done !
Real chill. I dig it. Nice synth work. Rhythm guitar sounds great really dig it. Lead tone and note selection kind of reminds me of Brian May and even Dave Gilmour. Overall, really nice and 4:40 isn't that long; I've written songs that go on for 10 mins in some instances. But anyway im impressed especially by the lead work on the fade at the end.

Some solo stuff I do: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1532598

My Band: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1533261
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What the hell is this s**t this is utter cr*p. Boring as hell the guitar solo could be played by a 5 year old requires no skill what so ever. Has no speed, drums are some of the most boring things i'v ever heard in a song what the hell did you do just typed in drum beats on google and use the first thing you found. Its cr*p like like which is stopping people from hearing great bands like cancer bats and berzerker. Thanks for waiting wasting my time with this horribly boring song
*EDIT: ^That dude's a fkn asshole don't listen to him lol...

Listening as I type: Starts off very mellow, I feel like I'm in the clouds ahah! I like when the synth comes in, ties this part together along with the switch from ride to hihat. Pretty sweet when the bass and the guitar leads come in, I like the phrasing of the guitar it's very melodic! Not a bad tone either, the whole thing has a kind of unique quality, although there is this is this constant hiss in the background that kinda gets distracting after a while. But the general quality of the song is pretty good. The solo gets pretty Gilmour-ish towards the end, I love that. Very, very nice phrasing once again and awesome song!

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Sorry I am not allowed to have my own opinion cause i dont like something it immediately makes it wrong. Go listen to justin bieber u little dck
^If you're not going to post something constructive, then fuck off.

Really relaxing song. I like this It's a simple enough composition, but you manage to keep it fairly interesting throughout the entire song. I particularly loved the transition between the synth to lead guitar, but I was a little disappointed that the ending was just a fade out.

Other than that, there's not really anything particularly negative I can say about it. Excellent work, man

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